Privacy Policy

Information as CarmanApp;
User registration information (Name, Phone Number, E-mail, Car Sticker, Password)
Your mobile phone operating system information,
Your location information obtained from the mobile phone,
Your ratings and comments for car parks and valet services,
Your suggestions and complaints,
CarmanApp gathers your car park and valet transactions and details.

This information is processed by CarmanApp for;
Verifying your identity (with verification code),
Inform about updates and errors,
To inform about the campaign and gifts,
We will use it to communicate with you in case of any setback.

CarmanApp's sharing of your personal information;
CarmanApp cannot rent, sell or transfer any of your personal information unless it is required by law or there is no authority order.
In-app analyzes and data can be shown to other companies for advertising purposes without sharing personal information. CarmanApp authorizes the sharing of this information with advertisers for advertising and promotional purposes.
As a result of the parking & valet parking procedures, CarmanApp only transmits your required information to the car park, the valet & the business owner. Any information that is not required is not shared with the car park, the valet and the business owner.
CarmanApp may disclose personal information to meet statutory requirements, protect legal rights, combat fraud and protect the rights, property or security of any person in accordance with the legal requirements of the relevant legal authorities.

CarmanApp data and information;
Stores on secure servers.
Your passwords are coded in our system so they cannot be recycled.
You can correct some of your information from within the application, you can call customer service and request an update.
CarmanApp cannot guarantee that it is 100% safe if the transfer of information is made over the internet. The encryption of your data is done by CarmanApp, but the risk of attacks on your Internet connection during data transfer is on you.

Cookies and information held in the device
We allow you to store session cookies on your device and get faster service. If you wish, you can block the device settings. However, you may experience difficulty in using the services in case of blocking.

CarmanApp reserves the right to make changes to its privacy policy. In the event of any change, the relevant information will be forwarded to you.